6 – The Art of Dowsing

This is the basic Yes – No pattern. Place the paper on the table, and swing the pendulum over top of it.

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This is the 1 to 10 pattern

The Art of Dowsing


The Art of Dowsing is a 40 minute podcast that teaches you how to practice this ancient art. Most people relate dowsing to finding water, but this is a limited view. Modern dowsers can find lost keys, determine the quality of supermarket food, get a sense of the honesty of people, and, yes of course, find water. The possibilities of using dowsing in modern life are endless. Richard Roocroft is a professional dowser. He teaches you to set up a communication mechanism between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.


There was a short 10 minute video to help you with the practical aspects of dowsing, but I have taken it down. Too many people did not understand that there was an audio podcast associated with it.


Richard Roocroft




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You can also do multiples of any numbers. Thousands can become millions or trillions.



[Posted by Lotus Min, July 14, 2011]


Dear Mr. Roocroft,


My name is Lotus, recently I am very interested in dowsing and linked to your website yesterday, I found a dowsing chart (please see below), [The bottom diagram]


it is very simple, might be suitable for a new beginner like me but may I ask something? When will you use this chart? In what situation and ask what kind of question will you use this dowsing chart? It begins from 0 to 39, I think and think and think, I just can't figure out what is the number 39 for and when can I use this chart. I am sorry if my question is too silly but I had saw familiar dowsing charts like this one on Internet and books, I also know that master dowsers like Ramon Grace and Walt Woods both put the same value in their dowsing charts so I think it must be a common value for something, I just don't know yet. Sorry if my English is not very good because I am from Taiwan. Thank for your time.






[Posted by Richard Roocroft, July 15, 2011]


Hi Lotus,


When you place a chart underneath the pendulum, it acts as a mental “place holder” for the dowsing operation to take place. Let me explain. The human organism is a very advance piece of test equipment. If you had a meter in your hand, you would expect it to provide you with numbers of some kind, like volts, amps, degrees, distance, weight etc. When you are using dowsing as a measuring or detecting system you are calling upon your higher intelligence to provide information to you. As a prerequisite you must “calibrate” the test equipment (in this case yourself) to give you the information in an intelligent manner. You can say to yourself “I expect numbers from zero to 39;” or “I'm using the zero to 39 scale.” In doing this you have calibrated your dowsing. Then, if you asked the question, “Which day of the month would be most likely for me to be successful at applying for a job?” The answer range could be anywhere from zero to 31 days. Yes this chart goes to 39. It could go to 1000 and that wouldn't make any difference. The important thing is that you and your higher intelligence are both “on the same page” as far as the pendulum is concerned. The number 39 has no significants at all. The person who made the chart just decided to make it that way.




This is a strange pattern. Why would anyone want a 0 to 39 diagram? So this has limited usefulness. It does demonstrate the flexibility of dowsing patterns. You can do anything.

All dowsers perform a calibration step. Most experienced dowsers don't have to use a chart at all. They just do it in their head. Let me give you an example: I might go into a supermarket and want to buy some pears. I will take out my key chain and use it as a pendulum. I will say to myself, “Using the health scale, what is the condition of these pears?” My higher intelligence knows from experience that my “health scale” is one that has zero on the swing line, where the pendulum goes forward and back (toward me and away form me) If the food is good for me, the pendulum will start turning toward the right. If the food is bad for me, it will swing toward the left. So my health scale has zero in the middle, with positive numbers going from +1 to +10 on the right, and minus numbers going from -1 to -10 on the left. Something that is +10 is very healthy for me. Something that is -10 is almost pure poison (white refined sugar) If it is in the middle, the food has no nutritional value at all. I do not need a physical chart to do this because I can imagine a chart being there. I use this method to test for olive oil, cod liver oil and many other things. Next I may want to know if if a certain can of beans has any mercury in it. I will repeat the procedure. This time I will say, “now I am using the Yes-No scale.” My Yes-No scale is forward and back represents the answer YES; and left to right means NO. I will ask “Does this can of beans have any mercury in it?” Every time you start to dowse you should calibrate. If you change the type of answer you need to change the calibration first, then dowse.


I think dowsing is a normal and natural ability that anyone can discover. However it requires a state of quietness and relaxation. It's hard to be quiet and relaxed in a busy supermarket. Start by being quiet at home. Then you will be able to carry that into your busy life.


Richard Roocroft



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