5 – Science 2.0

Global Consciousness Project, Random Number Generator, or "Egg."


Jose Silva, The Silva Method


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What Constitutes Real Science?


In this podcast we call esoteric investigation "Science 2.0." It begins with a look at the Global Consciousness Project, which shows how human emotions can make an impact on the atomic world – or the mineral Kingdom. When the airplanes hit the twin towers during 9-11, computers around the world responded to the human out cry of horror with a disruption in their normal functioning. This is an example of science 2.0.


Next we look at how plant life is influenced by human thoughts and emotions. Clive Baxter shows an astounding relationship between humans and plants with his polygraph machine. When the machine is hooked up to a plant and he attempts to burn one of the leaves with a match, the machine reacts violently.

Jose Silva demonstrates a vast range of human capabilities with The Silva Method, which was taught to millions of people around the world. Also, Anthony Robins and many other teachers try to convey a simple mechanism designed to demonstrate human potential. That mechanism is the mind. But programmed incorrectly it yields poor results. Jose Silva, Anthony Robins and many other self-help teachers try to tell people about a simple truth – that we project outward; not inward. Scientists of the 1.0 variety, seldom respect the tenants of science 2.0. Some are embracing it in secret, but the vast majority of scientists go out of their way to ridicule anyone who would speak of such things as universal consciousness, or God. This podcast speaks about many of these subjects, but it is up to you to decide where to find the truth.




Richard Roocroft


October, 2009


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