4 – Remember When

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John McGarry

Morgan Aero

Podcast: 49 minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download


On this podcast, John McGarry, and Richard Roocroft talk about the things they remember when they were kids. John speaks about living in Twechar, which is in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, where he was waiving to the German pilots as they bombed John Brown's Shipyard, on the Clydebank, and Glasglow. Richard remembers playing on the train tracks when we had steam locomotives.


John was an apprentice mechanic at 14 years old. He joined the British Royal Army Service Corps and came to Canada on the Queen Mary with two dollars in his pocket. The podcast reminisces about various subjects including

  • Picking up bullet shells and bomb casings;
  • Wood stoves, freezing cold houses, out houses and using candles to keep from freezing;
  • Gas lights, electricity, gramophones, early radios, and batteries;
  • Funerals, wakes, including the Irish wake;
  • Old motorcycles, like the one with the JAP engine;
  • The Rudge Ulster, motorcycle;
  • Model A Ford, crooked roads, and flat tires;
  • Studibaker, Nash Rambler, Morgan Aero;
  • Railways in North Bay, including Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and Ontario Northland;
  • The Saturday night bath with zinc bath tub in the middle of the room;
  • The ice man, and the bread man;
  • The Miners Institute Hall Dance;
  • Family members playing instruments;
  • The 1949 Ford V8, and the 1952 Ford Mercury; and
  • Halloween pranks


Richard Roocroft




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Notice: John McGarry died on May 25, 2015. He was 85 years old, and well liked by all. RIP


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