36 – The Cause of All Illness

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It is incomprehensible for most people to believe that all illness comes from a single source, which is “stress.” In this podcast we look at what two different researchers have to say about the mechanism of how stress causes all illnesses. First we look at the work of Gaston Naessens and his discovery of “somadids,” or what I prefer to call “lifetrons.” These little “sub-microscopic” life forms are very tricky. Under most circumstances they help every cell in the human body by acting as “helpers.” But, under other circumstances they turn into our enemies. They actually can cause problems by mutating into different kinds of microorganisms that can create disease.



The somatids are polymorphic. In other words they change into small creatures that will “create” degenerative diseases.


What causes these little creatures that live inside of us to turn against us? The answer to that question is “stress.” To explain this we look at a researcher by the name of Dr. Hamer who invented The New German Medicine. Here we talk about how an emotional “conflict” can create diseases within us. If we experience an “emotional shock” of some kind, that can start a sequence of events that can cause cancer, or many other types of degenerative diseases.


Finally, we look at the work of Samael Aun Weor who said that all diseases come from the ego. How can that be?

What does the ego have to do with anything? Don’t we need the ego? The answer is no. The ego is at the root of all conflict within ourselves. The ego is our enemy because it always creates stress within our bodies. This starts the disease process.


These three pieces of information, that is the work of Gaston Naessens, Doctor Hamer, and Samael Aun Weor, all fit together to give us a picture of the actual workings of the disease process. The Gnostics were right when they say that all illness comes from the ego. The ego is the cause of all human suffering.


Richard Roocroft


March, 2017


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