37 – The China Syndrome

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On March 16, 1979 the movie The China Syndrome was released by Hollywood. Twelve days later, on March 28, the nuclear power station at Three Mile Island, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, melted down. This was a real "China Syndrome." Since that time there have been four more nuclear stations that have experienced the China Syndrome. In 1986 the nuclear power station at Chernobyl, in Russia exploded. In 2011 three more nuclear power stations in Fukushima, Japan exploded. That makes five nuclear stations that have experienced the China Syndrome. This is only civilian reactors. There have been many other military and experimental reactors that have melted down, or exploded, over the years. These accidents happened before the "incident" at Three Mile Island.




What is a "China Syndrome?" As they said in the movie, when the core of the reactor loses coolant, and overheats, it melts down, into the bottom of the reactor vessel, and eats its way through the bottom of the steel enclosure. It will continue to chain react, through the bottom of the reactor building, and into the ground. Then, it will continue to eat its way through the earth, in theory, all the way to China. Thus, the name the "China Syndrome." Of course the real China Syndrome does not go all the way to China. But it does go very deep into the ground where it contaminates the groundwater, and everything else.


In the movie Jack Rodell, played by Jack Lemmon,  was concerned about the safety of the plant. He examined false documentation about the condition of the plant.

It’s interesting that there was a recent news item showing falsified documents at a French foundry where they made components for the Hinkley Point nuclear station in England. So this sort of thing does happen.


In this podcast Richard Roocroft talks about all of these things including the nature of transmutation at the atomic level, the half life of elements, the disappearance of thousands of species of insects, the destruction of sea life around the world, radioactive contamination at the cellular level, the use of depleted uranium in theaters of war, deformed babies, Walter Russell's views about atomic energy, and the future of mankind.


Richard Roocroft


April, 2017


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Correction to Podcast:


The condition of reactor building number four at Fukashima is very much contested by almost everybody. I happen to believe that the spent fuel pool has long been dissipated into the atmosphere. RR

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