35 – Conversations About Gnosis – 5

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Richard Roocroft

E. Jim G. Ross

Podcast: 1 Hour, 5 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download.


This is Episode 35 of Rusty Microphone and also Episode 5 of Conversations About Gnosis, with Richard Roocroft and Mr. E. Jim G. Ross, in casual conversation about Gnosis.


Some of the topics discussed include:


  • Answers to questions
  • Are we severe?
  • Karma
  • We don’t research our work well enough
  • Podcast is directed to beginners
  • Gnosis is expanding all over the earth
  • We are not forcing anything on anyone. We respect free will.
  • Samael Aun Weor wrote 70 books
  • Mantras
  • illness and the ego
  • Healing
  • 3 factors of the revolution of the consciousness
  • Performing a mantra for one hour a day is better than reading 10 books
  • Rejuvenation exercise given by the Dahlia Lama
  • Atlantis and it’s survivors
  • Mayan language is the same as the Tibetan language
  • Christ on the Cross spoke the Mayan language
  • Babaji
  • The level of Buddha vs being Christified
  • Immortality
  • Inner Being is already immortal
  • The intellectual gets left behind
  • Superior beings
  • The three minds
  • People prefer lies
  • Movies are lies
  • The real meaning of a "holy war"
  • The ego of revenge
  • Inteligence is not the same as consciousness


  • Wrong medicine that does not cure
  • Monsanto
  • Waking up
  • Moses and the ten commandments
  • The Bible is mutilated
  • Matter and spirit work together
  • The Bible is written in a codified language
  • Fire, water, matter and fusion



Richard Roocroft


September, 2016


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