33 – The Gnostic Gospels – Part 2

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The Teachings of Jesus Christ


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Continuation of the previous episode – 32


2000 years ago the Great Master, Jesus Christ, gave instructions to the apostles, which gave rise to the Christian Religion. The Holy Bible is considered the central focal point of this Faith.


What most people do not realize, is that Jesus had his teachings written down, word-for-word over an eleven year period. The apostles transcribed his every word, painstakingly. In our current time, this information is found in the Gnostic Gospels. In other words, we have the teachings of the Master of the Universe available today. Now.


In this podcast we discuss all of this. It is my sincere wish that people with eyes to see and ears to hear, will see and hear the truth.


Richard Roocroft


February, 2016


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