31 – Medical Research 101

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Somatids may actually be "lifetrons."

Researcher Gaston Naessens shows “live” blood using his microscope, which is capable of magnification of 30,000 times.

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In this podcast we discuss various areas of medical research that may be “outside the box,” such as:


  • A new concept of disease based on “both” a toxin and a microorganism,
  • The idea that a psychological “shock” might be the mechanism for starting the disease process,
  • The work of Hulda Clark,
  • Chlorine Dioxide as a weapon for helping people to get well,
  • The work of Jim Humble, Kerri Rivera, and Dr. Andreas Kalker
  • The elimination of symptoms of Autism,
  • Homeopathy,
  • The German New Medicine,
  • The work of Gaston Naessens,
  • Somatids, or perhaps “lifetrons,”
  • Hyperspace and jinn science, and
  • How emotions and the ego are involved in diseases.





The German New Medicine shows the “pattern” that all diseases follow. http://www.newmedicine.ca/




Every researcher throughout history that has made new discoveries, has been laughed at, and persecuted. To be called a “quack” is actually a “badge of honor.” That means you are close to the truth. It seems we have to wait for a generation of people to die off, to make room for new ideas to move forward.


Richard Roocroft


July, 2015


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Chlorine Dioxide made from: Left: Liquid Sodium Chlorite; and Right: Citric Acid. There are now 262 cases where all of the symptoms of Autism have vanished using this protocol.https://cdautism.org/




Further References:


  • Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, Amy L. Lansky (Audible, Amazon)
  • The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium, Jim V. Humble (Audible, Amazon)
  • Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, Jesse Ventura, Dick Russell (Audible, Amazon)
  • What’s Eating You?, Eugene H. Kaplan (Audible, Amazon)
  • Cancer is not a Disease!: It’s a Survival Mechanism… , Andreas Moritz (Audible, Amazon)





Medical Research from the Past and the Present, by Richard W. Roocroft.


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