29 – Rocket Planes and Extraterrestrials

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X15 Rocket Plane

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Why do we want to go into space?


What is the motivating force behind our desire to become astronauts? What are we really seeking?


We build our buildings high - up into the sky. We call them “sky scrapers.” A moth will be attracted to the light. A child will run to it’s mom, when frightened; and the mother hugs the child. This is our “point of origin.” In other words, this is where we “came from.” Likewise the salmon will swim up stream against all odds to return to the place where it was born. A Scottish song will sing about “the green, green grass of home.” If we have ever been away from our home land we always have a place in our heart for that town or city. We can be on the other side of the world, and we still dream of our home land. Why? We seem to have something built in to our nature that yearns to return to our point of origin.


By wanting to go into space, we are actually, at a deep level, seeking our real origin – or God. Do you really think you will be happy living in space – in a metal cage?





In this podcast we talk about the X15 rocket planes and how “we” go into space. We literally have to blast ourselves out of the Earth’s atmosphere.


What about the extraterrestrials? Do they “blast” themselves into space? No. They have some special kind of knowledge that we do not have. In fact, they seem to break Newton’s laws of physics. Are Newton’s laws actually “laws?” If they can be “broken” by the aliens flying space ships like they have no “mass” then perhaps Newton’s laws are really just “rules of thumb” or “guidelines.”


You don’t believe in aliens? Well, perhaps you should re-consider. It’s getting hard to keep denying their existence.


Richard Roocroft


December 2014


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