8 – Introduction to Radionics

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Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Radionics is like magic, but it is also the key to our future. This podcast explores how radionics can be used to eliminate unwanted insects, reverse the rust on our cars, or even help people get well.


My guest, Margaret Ball, is an experienced dowser and radionics practitioner. She has both invented a new method of doing radionics and modified some of our existing methods.


Margaret talks about a dog called Lexy who had a lazy ear. The operation to fix this problem was very expensive. The owner was an accomplished dowser and radionics practitioner, so he did a broadcast on the dog's ear. Over a short period of time the dog's ear straightened up and the dog was fine.


In another example there was a person in Huston Texas who purchased a used porsche. When he got the car home he was heart broken to discover that rust was forming behind the fender. Margaret suggested he do a broadcast to stop the rust. The method she described worked very well. The rust was history.


Margaret also had an infestation of silver fish in her kitchen. After capturing one of them to use as a witness, she did a broadcast to exterminate the rest of them.


One time she did radionics on a basket ball team to give them more energy and make them more cohesive. It worked.


Years ago her husband used stick dowsing on a table. When he had an important meeting, he would run his fingers under the table. In this way, if his fingers stuck or ran smoothly across the table, he was able to determine if the person sitting across from him was 85 to 90 percent truthful. This kind of stick pad dowsing is used in some radionics machines.


Margaret helps a great many people to get well. She works with people from all over the world.


Where other methods fail, complimentary procedures, like radionics, take over. Radionics will be the science of the future.


Richard Roocroft


February 2010


A special thank you to Derek R. Audette, Creative Commons, for the bumper music used in this podcast.


This is a Magneto Geometrics Applications (MGA) radionics machine. This uses two cards and a single well.

Cards adapted for use in MGA machines by Margaret Ball

This is a Zenith radionics machine, which has a single well. It is very simple in appearance, but can do anything.

Horseshoe magnets can be used in radionics. For the explaination of how this works, click here. Compliments of Margaret Ball

Contact Margaret Ball: Margaret.ball@sympatico.ca


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