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Season Three Podcasts


34 Conversations About Gnosis - 4

Mr. E. Jim G. Ross and Richard Roocroft discuss Gnosis

35 Conversations About Gnosis - 5

Mr. E. Jim G. Ross and Richard Roocroft discuss Gnosis

36 The Cause of All Illness

We discuss the works of Gaston Naessens and Doctor Hamer's "New German Medicine."

37 The China Syndrome

A look at the nuclear industry

38 Can Science Learn From


A look at the synthesis between Science and Religion.

39 Just like a Banana

An in depth look at the nuclear industry.

Written Articles


01 Global Consciousness Project

This is related to the podcast on Science 2.0. Do human thoughts affect physical things?

02 Web Site Development

Will we really need web developers in the future?

03 Gas Pump Attached to Car

Someone pulled away from the gas pump with the filler tube still inside!

04 Zoom H2 and the Tascam DR-07

No one uses tape recorders any more. Here are two great field recorders.

05 Dowsing

This is related to my podcast on The Art of Dowsing.

06 Man Has Musical Bicycle

This man has re-invented the iPod with an interesting approach to portable music.

07 How to Become a DJ on a Shoe String

This is a very technical article on being a Disk Jockey and doing a party.

08 Scam Letter Received

This is a letter I received telling me I have inherited a lot of money

09 Check Engine Light is Money

Maker for Dealers

This is another scam by car makers to make you pay more money to mechanics.

10 OttLite Repair

How to repair a broken OttLite.

11 A KVM Switch That Just Works

A review of the Connect Pro line of KVM Switches

12 LED Lights

Why do they Fail?

13 TinyMix Mixer

Combine sound from multiple computers into one set of speakers.

14 How to Keep a Dyson

Vacuum Cleaner Working

Some simple rules.


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Gnostic Lectures

A series of lectures giving you the foundation of Gnostic teachings.



"Thank you so much for your efforts! What you say in your podcast 'Walter Russell's Wave, Beyond Genius and Kundalini' is truly inspiring as well as scary, as you stated... Thank you also for having introduced me to Walter Russell and thank you for the explications of his work provided by you and your guests.  Since then I have begun [the book] 'Atomic Suicide' and enjoy it very much..." H.M.


"I recently discovered your podcast, and am currently listening to your 'Gnostic Lecture Series' for a second time. Gems for sure.  And thanks for introducing me to Walter Russell - very interesting stuff..." E.B.




Season One Podcasts


01 Digital Audio Recording

Tips and tricks on how to record audio using a computer and some simple equipment.

02 Amateur Radio

My guest Mr. Jim Taylor is a ham radio operator who will talk about “field day” 2009.

03 Urban Gardening

A Look at gardening in the city.

04 Remember When

On this podcast, John McGarry, and Richard Roocroft talk about the things they remember when they were kids.

05 Science 2.0

This podcast talks about human potential and the Global Consciousness Project

06 The Art of Dowsing

This is a podcast that teaches you how to practice this ancient art.

07 Electro-Medicine

Electro-medical machines from the past and present. Are thy helpful? Find out.

08 Introduction to Radionics

A method of healing, with my guest Margaret Ball.

09 Walter Russell

The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.

10 Conversations With a Blind Man Part 1

John describes his life as a blind man while living at home.

11 Conversations With a Blind Man Part 2

Cliff Lorimer was a blind disk jockey who always worked outside the home.

12 Reverse Speech

Interview with David Oates, the founder of

Reverse Speech

13 Gnosis – Samael Aun Weor

Interview with E. Jim G. Ross about Gnosis

14 The Toronto Transit Commission

The ins and outs of the Toronto Transit System

15 Walter Russell – Part 2

Matt Presti, Robert Otey and Richard Roocroft discuss the science of Walter Russell.

16 Disaster in Japan

Richard Roocroft and E. Jim G. Ross Discuss what is happening to our world from a Gnostic point of View.

17 Walter Russell – Part 3

Matt Presti, Robert Otey and Richard Roocroft discuss many subjects including Walter Russell


End of Season One


Season Two Podcasts


18b Walter Russell’s Wave, Beyond

Genius and Kundalini

  • An in depth look at Walter Russell’s Wave,
  • What does it mean to be a Genius and is it possible to go beyond Genius?
  • What is Kundalini?

19 Edgar Casey and Jose Silva

  • Edgar Casey amazed Americans with his ability to heal people by giving them precise instructions to get well.
  • Jose Silva showed people around the world how to heal themselves and do amazing things with his Silva Method of mind control.

20 Numbers–The Law of 3 and

The Law of 7

  • A look at Numbers and Radionics
  • The Law of three creates; and the law of seven organizes.

21 Human Seed

A look at Alchemy

22 Psychological Resonances

  • The science of resonances, and
  • A look at the human Ego

23 Jinn Science

A look at the workings of “Hyper Space.”

24 Joan of Arc

A look at the life of Joan of Arc from the Gnostic point of view.

25 Gurus of India

A look at the life of Paramahansa Yogananda and his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

26 War and Miracles

A loot at hatred. Is it possible to remove hatred from our hearts?

27 Report on Nuclear Energy

A look at atomic energy

28 The Microcosmos and the


A look inside the human psyche

29 Rocket Planes and Extraterrestrials

The X-15 Rocket Planes and UFOs

30 Hiroshima

The atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the war of 1812.

31 Medical Research 101

A look at cutting edge research that is

mistakenly called “quack” medicine.

32 The Gnostic Gospels, Part 1

The Pistis Sophia, The Gnostic Bible

33 The Gnostic Gospels, Part 2

The Pistis Sophia, The Gnostic Bible


End of Season Two




"Finally, I know what Kundalini is all about, so thank you so much for that. I really appreciate you laying it on the line! As you know, even the Gurus don't do that..." K.S.


"I listen to your podcast every morning. It is sublime. I wanted to say thank you and blessings for all that you do..." Bonnie


"Hello Rusty, Love your podcasts. I have four medical degrees and have been involved in the teachings of Walter Russell, E. Swedenborg and E. Cayce for some time now..." J.E.

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