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Can Human Emotions be "Felt" at the Atomic Level?

What would happen if everyone in the world could be instructed to use their mental power to concentrate on bending a particular spoon? Do you think it would actually happen? A group of scientists at the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) ( are testing the notion that human thoughts cause an "effect" in the world. Because they can't get everyone in the world to concentrate on bending a spoon, they devised a plan to test the hypothesis in another way. They deduced that there are times when human thought and emotions are brought together during national or world catastrophes. An example is when the airplanes smashed into the World Trade Center towers. At that time, there was a large amount of human thought energy brought to focus on the event.


The GCP scientists established a network of volunteers that used computers in their homes to monitor the "collective consciousness" at numerous locations throughout the world. These computers were connected to the web at all times, 24 hours a day sending numbers back to a central location where the information is interpreted and statistically analyzed for any changes from what was considered normal. Each participating computer is equipped with a device called a natural random number generator which is an electronic device that creates true random numbers. These devices are used in casino slot machines to produce numbers that rotate the wheels inside the machine. Each time you pull the lever, or press the button, the generator creates a new set of numbers, resulting in a new rotational position for each wheel. Maybe if you just think about the jackpot coming up, you'll win?


The random number generator is the most important part of the Global Consciousness Project, because it is where our thoughts are "detected."

Global Consciousness Project, Random Number Generator, or "Egg."


These devices are based on an electrical current going through a resistor or zener diode which produces noise that is converted into a series of computer numbers.


The network of computers around the world has been in operation for many years, and has captured data during the time of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. The results shown on the website of the GCP, is astounding. YES, there was an effect in the data during this event. In other words, before the event, the numbers were all coming into the central computer in a completely randomized fashion. During the event, the numbers were no longer truly random -- they were skewed.

From a statistical point of view: "There was a disturbance in the Force." Following the twin towers event, the numbers went back to behaving  like true slot machines, producing normal random numbers. Wow! This shows clearly that the mass trauma in mankind which resulted from the shock of seeing the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, was felt in the random numbers being generated around the world. Therefore our thoughts and emotions were "felt" in the mineral kingdom at that time.


If you have read the Letter to Robin, which is an excellent introduction to dowsing, you will remember the story about Mr. Backster (Cleve Backster) who was an expert in lie detectors. He placed electrodes on a plant and got a strong response when he thought about burning a leaf. He didn't actually do the burning; he just thought about it. This showed that his thoughts were transferred to the plant (the plant, or vegetable kingdom) The Backster effect is well known and the experiment has been reproduced many times successfully.


Jose Silva has shown that human thought, particularly at the alpha level, can influence many things in our lives. His work is basic mind control 101. This shows that human thought can affect the animal, or human kingdoms.


The scientists at the Global Consciousness Project are not convinced. They still want more evidence. They want to collect more data, run more tests, do more things, and over analyze the results. Perhaps in another hundred years, they will know for sure.


I don't need another hundred years. I already know that human thought can affect everything.


Richard Roocroft




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