Dowsing – Part 2

A Continuation of the  Podcast on The Art of Dowsing


It is up to the reader to decide wether dowsing is real or not. It has been around for over six thousand years and I consider it to be part of Science 2.0


On this page we have two YouTube video links to some very prominent dowsers. Raymon Grace has been on Coast to Coast Radio, has spoken to audiences all over the North America, has given seminars on dowsing for years, and is one of the best dowsers on the planet. And yet, this man is very humble. He does not pretend to be anything at all. He just tells people how he does it. Raymon was originally a student of Jose Silva, and then became a Silva Method Instructor. He lived and worked with many North American Indian tribes in the United States and Canada, where he learned the ways of the shaman.  I would characterize him as being an authentic modern shaman in his own right.


Walt Woods, is also a very well known and advanced dowser. In his video he mentions map dowsing. This is a technique where you use a pendulum and a ruler. As you move the ruler over the map, the pendulum will react to the place of interest. In this case Walt was dowsing for a human skull. Taking the ruler from the other direction (90 degrees) the process is repeated. When the pendulum reacts a second line is drawn. The intersecting point where the two lines meet is where the object is located. I invite you to watch these two videos.


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