10 – Conversations with a Blind Man – Part 1

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John* was a former auto mechanic who became blind when he was in his twenties. He has learned how to cope with his disability because he has a very supportive family and keeps himself busy researching various things like dowsing and complementary medicines. In this podcast, Richard Roocroft interviews John where he describes how he copes with computer technology and deals with day-to-day life.


John says he is very interested in keeping his body working properly through nutrition. He says raw food is very important, and talks about Jay Kordich (The Juice Man) Who was on television for many years demonstrating his juice machine. John uses his blender and/or juice machine to make various juice concoctions almost every morning. He also describes how he cleans the equipment afterwords. Occasionally he has to ask a member of his family to check if it is clean enough. It always is. While he is doing his juicing, John turns on his amateur radio and talks to his friends on the air.



John and every member of his family, sleep on magnetic beds. He describes how his father had a severe problem with his back and after applying a strong North pole (-) magnetic field, his father was without pain. The next thing you know his father was wanting to go for long walks. John's family has continued to use magnetic therapy for many years with great success.


Part of John's morning is going for an eight to nine kilometer walk with his 79 year old father. They truck through the neighborhood listening to the traffic and the birds sing. He says most people don't even know he is blind.


John describes how he learned how to become a dowser. A friend hollowed out a rifle bullet and filled it with lead pellets. This hangs on a string, which he uses as a pendulum for dowsing. He says it has to be heavy for a blind person to be able to feel which way it is swinging. Now John has learned to do dowsing in his head. So he doesn't even need the pendulum much any more. People from all over the world call him to do dowsing over the telephone on their behalf.


John is an advocate of both Bob Beck and Hulda Clark. He has a great deal of experience using the Bob Beck blood purifier and the Hulda Clark zapper. His family also uses the modern version of the violet ray machine, which cost him around 3,000.00. He says his father and mother wouldn't want to go a day without using this machine.


Richard Roocroft


April 2010


*John did not want his identity on the internet.


Juice Daddy, by Jay Kordich


A special thank you to Derek R. Audette, Creative Commons, for the bumper music used in this podcast.


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