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01 Global Consciousness Project

This is related to the podcast on Science 2.0. Do human thoughts affect physical things?

02 Web Site Development

Will we really need web developers in the future?

03 Gas Pump Attached to Car

Someone pulled away from the gas pump with the filler tube still inside!

04 Zoom H2 and the Tascam  DR-07

No one uses tape recorders any more. Here are two great field recorders.

05 Dowsing

This is related to my podcast on

The Art of Dowsing.

06 Man Has Musical Bicycle

This man has re-invented the iPod with an interesting approach to portable music.

07 How to Become a DJ on a Shoe String

This is a very technical article on being a Disk Jockey and doing a party.

08 Scam Letter Received

This is a letter I received telling me I have inherited a lot of money

09 Check Engine Light is Money Maker for Dealers

This is another scam by car makers to make you pay more money to mechanics.

10 OttLite Repair

How to repair a broken OttLite.

11 A KVM Switch That Just Works

A review of the Connect Pro line of KVM Switches

12 LED Lights

Why do they Fail?

13 TinyMix Mixer

Combine sound from multiple computers into one set of speakers.

14 How to Keep a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Working

Some simple rules.
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