How to Keep a Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Working – Some Simple Rules


Left: DC35, Right: DC62This shows how to “blow them out” using compressed air


Rules for Keeping Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaners Working


Dyson vacuum cleaners DO get clogged.


In this article we look at some simple ways to keep your Dyson stick vacuum cleaner working properly. They are very good vacuum cleaners, but they do require some simple maintenance. As you can see in the photographs, I have both the DC35 and the DC62 models.


Rule Number 1


Never use your Dyson vacuum cleaner and immediately plug it in, to get charged. The battery will still be hot from being used and you should wait at least five minutes before charging it. If you do this, the rechargeable battery will last for a long time.


Rule Number 2


The motorized head can be used on either a floor or a carpet. However if the carpet is too deep and the rotating portion of the head gets stalled, the motor shuts down. Release the button, take the head off the carpet and try again. This time, hold the heal of the head off the carpet just enough to “not” stall the rotating brush. In fact, when doing bathroom or small carpets you must lift the heal or it will usually stall the brush. If the carpet has a rubber backing it will stay in place. Otherwise the carpet may move around on you.


Rule Number 3


Empty the bottom release door after every use and let the dust fall into the trash can. You will not be able to get the thing completely cleaned. Dust accumulates deep inside the vacuum cleaner and it will be necessary every second or third use to remove the plastic cylindrical assembly, and do a more thorough cleaning with your hand.

Rule Number 4


Once every two or three weeks, you will have to clean out the entire vacuum cleaner. This will require using compressed air to blow out all of the vortex “chambers.” Do this outside, or on a balcony. Take a look at the photos. Disassemble the entire unit, paying close attention to where the air goes in and also where it comes out. The vortex “chambers” WILL get clogged. Compressed air (either from a can or a bigger compressor) will be necessary to blow the dust out of the passage ways from both ends.


Rule Number 5


Clean the rotating brush on the head assembly. This can be done once a month or so. A pair of scissors may be necessary to cut any threads from around the brush. These brush assemblies are very easy to take apart. When it is all back together, blow on the end of the pipe. If you can easily blow into it; then, it will be able to pick up dirt. Sometimes a piece of paper or something gets caught in the plumbing. This is easily removed.


Rule Number 6


The powered attachments are not interchangeable from one model to the other. The attachments that are not powered are usually interchangeable from one model to the next.


Rule Number 7


Rechargeable batteries are not interchangeable from one model to another. In fact, Dyson intentionally makes models that are not compatible with each other. Older models cannot be purchased after a certain date making it necessary for you to purchase a completely new machine, if anything goes wrong out of warranty. You should know that third party batteries are available if you search for them.

Metro DataVac Electric Blower Duster ED500

A good compressor, or something along the lines of this product, is what is absolutely necessary to keep Dyson vacuum cleaners running. Dyson’s are probably the worst machines for clogging up.



Rule Number 8


The removable filter can be cleaned by running it under water from the tap. Then let it completely dry out, before placing it back into the machine. This is important or your machine may start to smell. I almost never have to clean the filter. I find this is a “once a year” job.


Having said all of this, I think Dyson stick vacuum cleaners are the best. I use my two vacuum cleaners every second day. I purchased a second unit because my cleaning lady ran out of “juice” one time. By having two in the house, there is always a backup unit. If you have a large area to clean, like a big house, you may not have enough battery power to get the job done. If your Dyson vacuum cleaner falls onto a hard floor, it will still work OK. They are built to take a great deal of punishment. I think rule number 4 (compressed air) is the only way to keep Dyson vacuum cleaners going. The expectation that Dyson vacuum cleaners never get clogged is a misconception.


Are Dyson vacuum cleaners the only game in town? Of course not. There are a lot of “good” vacuum cleaners out there. I think all machines have a “life expectancy.”


I hope this was helpful.


Richard Roocroft


November 2015





[September 16, 2016]


Both of my Dysan vacuum cleaners continually get “clogged up.” In the case of my DC 62, I thought the battery was shot on it, because it would run for a few seconds and stop. But, this is what I did:


  1. I purchased the Metro ED500 Electric Blower Duster (see photo)
  2. I used this powerful air blower to thoroughly clean both vacuum cleaners, including the brushes and air filters.
  3. I used scissors to cut all threads and twisted strings from the brush assembly.


After performing the above steps, both vacuum cleaners worked like they were new. The moral of this story is: You cannot use the weak compressed air canisters to clean these machines. You need a powerful source of air pressure, such as the ED500


Richard Roocroft


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