26 – War and Miracles

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Above: German WW2 Machine Gun.

Below: Thompson Machine Gun




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Adolf Hitler showed us how to make war in a way that had never been done before. He attacked his neighbors in the air, on land and at sea for the first time in history. He literally invented modern warfare. Killing people became comparable to an assembly line. “Mass production” in killing was the norm. What was going on in the heads of the soldiers that were doing the killing? Did they like it? Do we have any of this “hatred” inside of us?

What about the movies? When Alfred Hitchcock made the movie Psycho he had a real problem. It seems the actors didn’t know how to play the part. When they were shooting the famous “shower scene,” Hitchcock knew it wasn’t going very well. He got up from his chair and said, “No.. No.. No... That’s NOT how you do it. This is how you do it...” And he took the knife, with extreme hatred in his heart, and demonstrated how to plunge it, into the woman. “That’s how you do it,” he said. Hollywood was shocked by this movie. Do movie directors understand the human psyche? Do we have murderous tenancies inside of us?


We live in a world of never ending wars. Do the guns pick themselves up and start shooting people by themselves? No. It takes a “human being” to kill.

What is the motivating force behind killing?


This podcast is all about murder and hatred. Where does it come from? When do we first learn how to hate? What is the remedy?


Perhaps it will take a miracle to change this.


Richard Roocroft


February, 2014


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