19 – Edgar Casey and Jose Silva

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Jose Silva,

The Silva Method”



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In this podcast Richard Roocroft talks about Edgar Casey and Jose Silva. Edgar Casey captured the attention of the American people by placing himself into a hypnotic trance and obtaining precise information from universal intelligence to heal people.

These “Readings” that he did on individuals were so accurate and helpful that people from all over, would ask for his assistance. Casey was not a doctor, but somehow knew what types of medicines or foods people should take in order to heal themselves. Is it possible for us to do the same thing? Are we capable of obtaining information from universal intelligence?


Jose Silva was an inventor, healer, teacher and many other things. He created “The Silva Method” which was a seminar, or course, that people could take in order to learn his wonderful techniques.


He emphasized relaxation and a system of “clearing the mind” in order to stop thinking. This introduced the student to a new world of accessing higher intelligence. Is it possible for someone to do remote viewing and see inside a wall? Is it possible for someone to use their imagination to “see” an illness or disease inside their body? Is it possible for someone to remove that illness? For the answers to these questions you will have to listen to this podcast.


Richard Roocroft


February 2012


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