18b – Walter Russell's Wave, Beyond Genius and Kundalini

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Walter Russell’s painting of the Wave

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In this podcast Richard Roocroft takes the listener to a more advanced level of the teachings of Walter Russell. Why does Russell say that everything in the physical world is an illusion? Why does he say that light does not travel? What's the difference between moving and traveling? Does matter actually move. Perhaps God is “tricking” us into believing the world is one way; but it is really another way.

We know that there are geniuses in the world. But what about people that are so powerful the only way you could describe them is to call them “supermen?” Where do we see examples of real “supermen” in our history? Was Jesus a superman? According to Samael Aun Weor, the founder of Gnostic Anthropology, Jesus did use Jinn science to levitate above the water. When you understand Walter Russell's “wave” you realize that we live in a “thought wave universe.” Is it so far fetched to think that if we could control the cube, we can control all of nature? Are super men and women able to control nature?

How does one become a superman? Is it possible to transform oneself into such a superior being? This is the subject of Kundalini; and it is one of the most important secrets in the universe. For the answer to all of these questions you will have to listen to the podcast.


Richard Roocroft


January, 2012


[Note: This podcast was re-edited to make it shorter, thus “B”]


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