17 – Walter Russell – Part 3

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Walter Russell

Doctor Walter Russell said that all matter is formed by the closing of two vortexes which originate from invisible cubes. As these two vortexes close upon their apexes, they form physical matter resulting in spheres. Thus we have the smallest atoms, and the largest planets forming because of the geometry of cubes and spheres. This sounds like the Borg in the Star Trek Voyager television series. But there is nothing science fiction about “Russellian Science.” Most students of Walter Russell believe his work explains the existence of God scientifically. Centering all material systems is what he calls the Universal One. This is Russell's name for God.


In this podcast Richard Roocroft, Matt Presti and Robert Otey discuss the science of Walter Russell. This is the third podcast on this subject. The discussion is not limited to Russell's science. The ideas flow in abundance. We talk about:


  • How cubes can co-exist in the same space at the same time,
  • The nature of time itself,
  • Rings in nature
  • God seems to have no problem with scale or size,



  • The see-saw and the fulcrum,
  • The birth and death of rocks,
  • The spiral progression of Russell's chart of the elements,
  • The mineral kingdom, vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom, and the human kingdom,
  • Quantum physics,
  • Atomic particles,
  • Science loves to name things,
  • The celestial dome,
  • Materialistic externalism,
  • The stirring of water in an aquarium mimics Walter Russell's wave,
  • Diseases,
  • The internal workings of the human heart,
  • Graphene – one of the hardest substances known to man,
  • The nuclear theory of the atom is wrong,
  • Quakademia,
  • Free energy systems, including Viktor Schauberger and Tesla,
  • The school system,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Explosion based technology,
  • Stanley Meyer's water based fuel technology,
  • Water propelled vehicles,
  • The laws of thermodynamics,
  • Brown's gas,
  • Computer controls in cars,
  • Nitrogen filled tires,
  • We have to scrap our current science and roll it back 100 years to start over,
  • Mythamatics, – the problems with theoretical mathematics,
  • Plank's constant,
  • The big bang theory and how it is false,
  • We are not limited to the speed of light,
  • Pathagorean,
  • Mirrors,
  • James McCanney – the electric theory of the universe,
  • NASA, the space shuttle, and the electric tether,
  • Mind control, and the media,
  • The Arabian spring,
  • Bin Laden's picture,
  • The electric charge on the human cell,
  • The age process,
  • A fish story,
  • Japan's disaster,
  • Medical systems,
  • Population control, and
  • The college conspiracy.


And a lot more. If you are interested in the science of Walter Russell, or just like listening to interesting conversation, then you should listen to this podcast.


Matt Presti: www.mattpresti.com; www.thesecretoflight.com; matt@mattpresti.com


Robert Otey: www.feandft.com; robert@feandft.com


Richard Roocroft,


May 2011.


A special thank you to Derek R. Audette, Creative Commons, for the bumper music used in this podcast.


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