15 – Walter Russell – Part 2

Walter Russell – The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.


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In this podcast Matt Presti and Robert Otey, join Richard Roocroft to discuss the works of Walter Russell. This is the second podcast on this subject. Many of the subjects covered in this podcast include:

  • Atomic Theory,
  • Vortexes,
  • The Stillness of the Mind,
  • Multiplying Your Power
  • Comparison to Ayn Rand,
  • The Fulcrum, or Stillness as the Source of Strength,
  • The Fallacy of Money,
  • The Law of Balance,
  • The Theory of the Wave
  • Cubes and Vortices,
  • The Sun, Planets and Atoms are all the same,
  • True Knowing,
  • Victor Shalberger,


  • The Artifacts of Mythamatical Noodling,
  • Torsion Signals
  • Helical Orbits vs Helical Trajectories,
  • The Great Cosmic Serpent,
  • We are Crossing the Galactic Plane, or Cathode,
  • The Quickening,
  • The Wave,
  • Free Energy,
  • Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell
  • Corruption in the World,
  • Rudolf Steiner,
  • Crude Oil,
  • Radioactivity,
  • Tesla, and
  • The Future of Man.


Both Matt Presti and Robert Otey are promoting the science of Walter Russell in a series of initiatives. Their websites and email addresses are here:


Matt Presti: www.mattpresti.com; www.thesecretoflight.com; matt@mattpresti.com


Robert Otey: www.feandft.com; robert@feandft.com


My sincere thanks to both Matt and Robert for joining me on this podcast.


Richard Roocroft


February 2011




Posted by: Richard Roocroft, March 26, 2011


Since this podcast was recorded we have had a tsunami in Japan where six nuclear reactors have been damaged and are leaking radiation into the atmosphere. Walter Russell warned us about using nuclear energy in his book Atomic Suicide. Matt Presti and Robert Otey have summarized Walter Russell’s book in their YouTube video. I invite you to view this very informative video here.


A special thank you to Derek R. Audette, Creative Commons, for the bumper music used in this podcast.


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